What is ShotAnalyzer?

ShotAnalyzer is an evaluation and training software for coaches and shooters. ShotAnalyzer synchronized scatt values in real time with the actual shot and simulates the shooter view. The picture that the shooter sees through his or her rear sight is displayed on the screen. This feature has so far not been integrated in any other software and it thus makes ShotAnalyzer unique. 



How much does ShotAnalyzer cost and where can I buy it?

ShotAnalyzer cost EUR 145.00 and can be downloaded directly from the link below. ShotAnalyzer can be tested 7 days before purchase for free and without obligation. After the 7-day trial period, the user will be asked to register ShotAnalyzer. The 7-day trial starts from the first installation.



Which SCATT devices and Software does ShotAnalyzer supported?

ShotAnalyzer supports all currently available SCATT devices except SCATT Basic.

Which evaluation and analysis possibilities are offered by ShotAnalyzer?

ShotAnalyzer concentrates in general on the three phases of a shot: Approach, taking aim and follow-through For every phase, various values can be displayed or hidden – depending on whether they are needed for the current analysis or not. Furthermore, the zero position as well as the median approach line can be determined.



Which training opportunities are offered by ShotAnalyzer?

Additionally to the normal training (including competition training), ShotAnalyzer offers various games as well as a Bundesliga simulator for more variety and fun.

  • Final simulator: train the final course of a competion
  • Bundesliga simulator: The shooter can compete against opponents who shot in a real competition in a ligue system.
  • Decimal: Special method to train in the new decimal mode.
  • Stay above: Special method to train staying above a defined minimal value.
  • Reach the target: rech the defined desired overall result with the defined number of shots
  • Tennis: In single shots, the shooter should perform the same or better than an opponent.
  • Pyramid: The shooter has a maximum of 30 shots, counted in decimals, to remove the 15 pyramid stones.